DKB Outside the Ledger

Being a part of DKB means having fun!  Sure, we work hard, but we also insist on playing hard, making friends, and enjoying some R&R.

Members of DKB look forward to:

  • Free health club memberships
  • Invitations to and sponsorships for external and internal networking events
  • Birthday parties
  • Frequent all-staff meetings
  • Client open houses
  • Celebrations of company and employee work anniversaries
  • Annual holiday party
  • Annual after Prime Time events
  • Prime Time Saturday breakfast and lunch
  • CPA-only dinners
  • Annual summer outing
  • Annual fall picnic


January – April 15th

  • The ideal time to communicate with clients and learn what exceptional service looks like for them
  • The ideal time to communicate and work as a team with management and colleagues