Reliability. Integrity. Meaningful Answers.

It’s what clients expect from their CPA firm.

Since 1990, DKB has been providing our clients with reliable service, meaningful answers to complex questions, and a commitment to the highest standards of integrity. We continually strive to be the best at crafting and delivering well-developed, rigorously accurate, common-sense solutions and advice in a world that is growing increasingly complicated.

Over the years, a lot has changed.

Our relationships with clients have grown. We’ve added talented staff and new clients, and we’ve moved offices. We’ve moved from ledger paper to a paperless environment. We’ve added software, servers, and data security measures.

But some things have not changed.

We remain steadfast in delivering independent, ethical service and exceptional client attention. Our objectivity allows us to provide clients with a balanced perspective — a foundation for making informed, confident decisions. We insist on being there for clients, whenever we’re needed.

And we remain focused on people: Our employees. Our individual and business clients. The community.


We take pride in developing our staff members to the fullest, equipping each person with the technical competence and the well-tuned people skills necessary to deliver outstanding client service. We provide extensive training, development and industry networking opportunities — some sponsored by BDO Alliance USA, a global affiliation of leading accounting firms, of which DKB is a longtime member. And the high rate of employee retention at DKB attests to our success.


Every day, we recommit to the following promises: We don’t quit until we get it right. We always put our clients’ interests first. We do not sell any product that could impair our independence. We invest in learning the complexities of each client’s world and use that knowledge to develop customized, goal-centered solutions. Our hands-on approach strives to capitalize on every opportunity available to clients.


We work hard every day to be a business that our clients, our employees and our community are honored to be associated with. We’re deliberate about supporting the city that has helped us grow and flourish — by hiring local talent and providing our services to local business and individuals. And when it comes to philanthropy and support of local charities, the leaders and employees of DKB set the standard.

DKB. Since 1990, Delivering Reliability, Integrity and Meaningful Answers.