IRS & Tax Examination Support

IRS at Your Door? We’ve Got Your Back

Receiving notices from taxing authorities can be intimidating and confusing. Too often, a worried taxpayer will hastily agree to the government’s demands — when, in fact, claims made by the Internal Revenue Service or state tax departments may be incorrect or subject to dispute.

The experienced CPAs at DeJoy, Knauf & Blood draw on our well-rounded knowledge of the law to ensure your rights are protected. We’re well-versed in handling responses to notices, and communicating capably to promote a quick resolution, correct government errors, and remove or minimize penalties. In many cases, coordinating an appropriate response and filing supporting documentation may resolve the issue with no additional payments due.

Typical IRS notices include:

The income and/or payment information we have on file doesn’t match the information you reported on your tax return.” (CP2000 notice)

Should you receive this letter, TeamDKB will review your tax return and supporting documentation to determine the accuracy of the IRS’ claims. We’ll then coordinate an appropriate response for you.

“We need more information from you.”

Where the IRS needs more data to process your return, we’ll work with you to gather the necessary information and communicate it to the IRS.

“We have changed your return.”

The IRS may change a taxpayer’s return for one of several reasons, including a miscalculation that changes estimated payments or a miscalculation involving Earned Income credits. We will work with you to verify or dispute the IRS’ position, and coordinate the appropriate communication.

Income Tax Audit (Examination).

At TeamDKB, we discourage taxpayers from attempting to handle an IRS examination without expert support. Not only is the process time-consuming and anxiety-ridden, but unschooled taxpayers are unlikely to represent themselves optimally. Our in-depth, well-rounded knowledge of tax law and vast experience in such examinations ensure TeamDKB will make the best possible case on behalf of clients. We will work with you to gather the requested documentation, communicate with the IRS agent on your behalf and, if necessary, appeal the examination’s findings.