Tax Exempt & Not-for-Profit

Supporting Your Agency’s Mission While Ensuring Fiduciary Integrity

As executive director, chief financial officer or trustee of a not-for-profit organization, you take your role seriously. You care about the important work your organization performs, you govern with vigilance, and you strive to reassure donors, employees and other stakeholders that you’re operating according to industry best practices.

In seeking a CPA firm that will support those objectives, you’re determined to:

  • Obtain the highest-quality service and guidance from highly capable professionals with expertise specific to the not-for-profit and tax-exempt sector.
  • Ensure that fiduciary needs of the board and audit committee members are addressed by thoroughly qualified, principled experts.

At DeJoy, Knauf & Blood, our clients — not-for-profit and tax-exempt organizations of all missions and sizes — trust us to fulfill these requirements with rigor. We serve boards of directors, management teams, finance committees and audit committees striving to maximize resources, minimize administrative costs, and comply with complex reporting and accounting standards.

TeamDKB draws on deep technical proficiency, broad experience, and an unwavering commitment to upholding our clients’ fiduciary obligations. We support clients on a range of matters — fundraising, government grants, maintaining not-for-profit status, compensating employees, managing internal controls, and finding and managing volunteers.