Succession Planning for Family-Owned & Closely Held Businesses

Positioning Your Company to Thrive Into The Next Generation

You’ve worked hard to build your business, and you care deeply that the next generation will capably manage the daily operations and fulfill your expectations. But family businesses face tough odds: Only one in three survive to the second generation, and still fewer make it to the third.

It’s clear, then, that planning for business succession deserves as much robust, strategic attention as you’ve invested in achieving your success.

For decades, the professionals at DeJoy, Knauf & Blood have been helping family-owned and closely held businesses pass the reins smoothly, while securing the reputation and legacy of which clients are justifiably proud. Our expertise helps ensure a seamless transition with minimal impacts on your clients, key staff and managers, and family members.

TeamDKB’s customized succession planning strategies involve addressing business valuation, financing, estate tax and wealth-transfer concerns, company governance and operations, and personnel moves. Our strategies also reflect clients’ retirement goals and concerns about transparency, accountability and upholding core values.