Services to Corporate Executives

Promoting Your Well-Being and Easing The Burden Of Scrutiny

For corporate executives, ensuring long-term financial security presents a web of challenges.

As new technologies, globalization, diversification of capital markets, and proliferating governance and regulatory issues make running a business ever more difficult, corporate executives spend more time and energy seeking to enhance their company’s positions and boosting shareholder rewards. At the same time, executives face more IRS scrutiny over compensation matters.

Given the high stakes, engaging in executive tax planning that minimizes liabilities and preserves wealth becomes essential.

At DeJoy, Knauf & Blood, we provide comprehensive, objective tax and financial services to corporate executives in many industries. By getting to know you, your business, your circumstances and goals, we design financial plans and investment strategies well-suited to your situation.

Our Business and Corporate Tax Services Team understands the intricacies of unique compensation structures including stock options, restricted stock grants and other deferred-compensation programs. We rigorously track tax law changes and keep you informed of the issues, evaluating the possible impact on your business and delivering proactive and timely solutions.