CFO & Controller Services & Support

Focus on Key Business Drivers.

Our outsourced CFO and Controller Services are meant to assist businesses through different stages. Whether your business is in transition, your current CFO or controller is out on short or long term leave, your bookkeeper needs assistance, or you have a special project that would benefit from an independent and experienced perspective, our team is there to help.

Outsourcing your Controller or CFO function should leave you with peace of mind. Any worries regarding managing your bookkeeping and accounting staff properly, making the correct profit, managing cash flow, or making sure that internally prepared financial statements upon which you are making business decisions are prepared correctly, should be a thing of the past. Our team of experts works alongside you to create a vision for a strong financial future.

DKB’s Approach

More Clarity Leads to Better Business Decisions

We help business owners understand their financial statements so they can improve decision making in all areas of their business. Our team oversees the financial planning, analysis and reporting aspects of a company. Our experience provides us with perspective to understand when things are going well, and when things are not going so well. For example, a business can be profitable but still run into trouble due to cash flow management issues. Our experience allows us to identify this problem, and fix it proactively, before it becomes a threat to the success of your business.

We never stop learning

Your team will not only bring ideas from their broad range of experience, but will constantly be thinking of new ideas and approaches to help you succeed. We are never content and always strive to learn more about our clients and the changing business landscape. You benefit from this exposure by having a steady influx of fresh, proven ideas related to business planning strategies. Should your business model change, we can work together to modify the level of service you receive to meet your changing objectives. You can view our package offerings here.

DKB’s CFO & Controller Services:

In addition to our bookkeeping services we offering CFO and Controller level Support

  • Accurate financial statements; analysis of financial statements. This helps business owners have the ability to proactively plan for the future of their business.
  • An independent viewpoint. We bring an experienced yet innovative viewpoint to help solve challenges to help your business grow.
  • Streamlining of accounting systems. This helps business achieve cost savings through efficiencies and smarter labor practices.

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