Outsourced Accounting Services

Welcome to DKB’s Outsourced Accounting Services

What We Do

Welcome to DKB’s Outsourced Accounting Services. Our team provides back office support to companies ranging from start-ups and entrepreneurs, to established small to mid-sized business. Whatever your need may be you will always work with a team of experienced professionals who will provide you with timely and accurate historical financial data, and innovative forward-looking strategies, who will assist you with streamlining processes and establishing financial structure & accountability. Our goal is for you to focus on your business’s overall strategy, and leave the day to day, monthly, quarterly and/or annual financial tasks to our team.

Why Outsource to DKB?

As a business owner it is important to have strong financial and accounting systems in place, so you can focus on the success and growth of your business. DKB’s Outsourced Accounting Services Team ensures you have the right information, at the right time, to make key business decisions during every stage of your company’s journey.

Whether you own a start-up or well established business, we offer a suite of services and packages, all designed to provide a next level client experience. When working with DKB you will not have to guess what we are going to provide to you, when we are going to provide it, or what it is going to cost. From our initial conversation onward, we are open and transparent about the type of experience you will have working with our team.

We believe that your business needs an experienced and approachable financial team, that the gap between management and the accounting department needs to close, and that financial services need to be proactive rather than reactive.

With all of our clients we will be an extension of your team. By outsourcing to DKB you are working with a group of people who have years of accounting experience that cross many industries and business sizes. A team that can provide you with consultation, strategy and analysis well beyond the day to day bookkeeping.

Clients We Work With

We offer industry specific accounting services for the real estate, construction, retail and professional service industries. We also have specific packages for start-up and early phase businesses. We do serve a variety of other industries and would be happy to discuss your needs with you.

Services & Packages

We provide a variety of services that we have packaged into multiple offerings to fit your unique needs. For further details on our service offerings and packages follow the links below.


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