Financial Forecasts & Projections

Positioning You To Thrive By Reducing The Risk of Unknowns

While no one can predict the future, virtually everyone can benefit by planning for it.

At DeJoy, Knauf & Blood, our financial forecasts and projections provide accurate analyses and objective guidance to help your business improving efficiency and profitability while seizing opportunities and reducing the risk of unknowns.

We first develop a thorough understanding of your organization, your industry and circumstances, and then draw on our experience, expertise and knowledge of market trends to help you understand your organization’s expected financial position as well the impact of any changes you’re considering.

TeamDKB provides:

Financial Forecasts
Based on management’s assumptions regarding future results, forecasts reflect the conditions you expect to exist and the actions you expect to take.

Financial Projections
By going a step further, projections present your organization’s expected financial position based on one or more hypothetical assumptions. By showing and evaluating one or more hypotheticals, TeamDKB’s projections answer “what if” questions such as: What would our financial position look like if we changed our product mix? Our pricing strategies?