Business Intelligence That Drives Your Operation’s Excellence

Most organizations are required by investors, creditors, regulators and others to report on their financial picture and to demonstrate compliance with generally accepted accounting principles (GAAP). Often, an audit is required, providing the highest level of assurance — though sometimes a lower-level compilation and review may be adequate.

The audit process requires that a CPA firm examine financial statements by conferring with outside parties, completing physical inspections, examining support documents and testing selected transactions.

For the professionals of DeJoy, Knauf & Blood’s Financial Assurance Services Team however, an audit is much more than an annual report card that meets the minimum requirements. We pursue the audit process as an opportunity to provide you with valuable business intelligence and practical recommendations for making better strategic decisions, improving performance, tightening controls, and possibly uncovering or heading off fraud. Even when an audit is not required, some business leaders may engage in the process in order to gain such insights and advice.

Inspired by our clients’ needs, TeamDKB has developed unique audit methodology, tools and training. We take time throughout the year to understand your concerns and goals. While working in the field, our engagement team consults closely with our clients’ management and staff, ensuring timely delivery of communications and services. We provide experienced partner- and manager-level engagement team members for in-person discussions, phone calls, emails and other communication methods.