Financial Assurance Services

Have Confidence in Your Company’s Data.

Assurance services are the hallmark of the accounting profession.  The integrity of your financial data is what allows your business to not only operate, but grow and thrive.  It allows decision makers to make well-informed choices about future plans.

Every company has a history and every company has a future.  It is our goal to understand your history so we can develop short and long-term strategies to help you reach the future.  We understand that the path to success is often ruled by complex, broadening, and constantly changing regulatory requirements, and stakeholder demands.  DKB’s Financial Assurance Team understands the regulatory requirements, and has the expertise and dependability to meet stakeholder demands.  Our financial reporting process provides credibility and assurances to a company’s financial data through an external independent approach.

The language of financial reporting is often complicated.  We pride ourselves on our ability to be as transparent and concise as possible, so everyone from the administrative assistant to the key investor can understand a company’s financial situation.

Overview of DKB’s Approach to Client Service

We offer an industry-specific approach to our audits, providing our client’s with professionals who are experts within their industry.  The team assigned to your engagement will understand your business and the complexities of your financial statements.  Our staff will seamlessly work alongside your team, creating a smooth and effective assurance process.

An Audit is a Commodity that many firms provide.  DKB provides a different client experience.

We have a reputation amongst stakeholders, whether it be bankers, venture capital firms, bonding companies, the board of directors, private investors, management, etc. that our information is reliable and accurate 100% of the time.   As a company owner, it is often hard to see the benefit an audit can bring to your organization.  Without reliable financial data, you may lose loans, investments, confidence in your company, etc. In turn company growth and future plans may have to be put on hold.

We have developed a client experience that keeps our clients informed and part of the process from the very beginning.  It is our goal for you to quickly understand the value we are bringing to your organization.

Of greatest value is our approach to continuous consultation, strategy and analysis.  This is why firm’s work with DKB.  Simply seeing our clients during the audit is not enough.   We work together, with our clients, through the year to proactively and constantly advise on best practices to help your organization thrive.  Throughout the lifecycle of your organization, from starting up to winding down, you are important to us, and will have a completely customized and personalized experience working with our team.

Who Do We Work With?

Privately Held Businesses

Why DKB?

At DKB we pride ourselves on our ability to offer a next level client experience. When you work with us you will be an individual, not just another audit that has to get out the door. We answer when you call, are happy to meet in-person, we respond to text messages and emails, we adapt our communication tools to meet our client’s needs, and enjoy seeing our client’s outside of office hours. We are people with families and interests, and love getting to know our clients on a personal level. Our clients have direct relationships with our partners and managers, the people who can add the most value. Providing services to our clients is not a job but a passion. A passion to help our clients, and the communities we serve achieve success.