DKB Business Valuation

Deal Structuring. Tax Consequences. Solid Reputation.

The Valuation Expertise You Need

The value of a business depend on two things:

  1. Future profits
  2. The risk associated with those profits

At DKB we are committed to you.  Committed to providing the personalized attention and expertise you need at a possible turning point in your life, and career.   We bring our in-depth due diligence process & industry specific knowledge to each engagement.   To help our clients understand their future profits, and the risk associated with those profits, we have developed and refined our business valuation approach to be composed of an open communication, and hands on approach.  You will not have any surprises when working with our team.

Proactive Approach

At DKB we are proactive in helping business owners plan for the future valuation of their company.  From family owned and operated establishments, to billion dollar companies, we understand the steps that need to be taken now, to secure stable business operations for successful future valuations.  We analyze data, and develop deliberate action plans to help our client’s transform their business.  It is our goal to help you build your competitive advantage.   We help our clients in the areas of:

  1. Succession Planning
  2. Operating Processes & Procedures
  3. Executive Compensation
  4. Financial Forecasting

Reliable Information

Our deep expertise in financial modeling & forecasting gives business owner’s confidence that our business valuation methods are accurate and independent.  Of greater value to our client’s is our ability to not only create the data, but to analyze it.  Robust analysis by our team of CVAs, CFEs, and CPAs always meets the requirements of audit, tax planning & litigation support needs.  We will help you to manage mergers & acquisitions, buy/sell arrangements, other unusual transactions, reporting requirements, and more.

Litigation Support

We have the expertise, personality and ethical reputation needed to succeed in the litigation support arena.   We understand how to be straight-forward, concise, and defend our valuation position.  We are a team with good judgement.  A team who is honest, fair, and has not only technical knowhow, but overall common sense.  We support and defend our detailed analysis proudly.  We support our clients in the following areas:

  1. Valuation Disputes
  2. Marital Dissolution
  3. Lost Profits
  4. Bankruptcy Matters