Risk Assessment

Strengthening Your Credibility

The ability to guarantee an organization’s financial stability has never been more important.

DKB’s Risk Assessment Team provides customized services to protect and strengthen your credibility, build your customers’ confidence in you, and boost your peace of mind.

In order to succeed, an organization must understand what obstacles to success it faces — and that involves establishing mechanisms to identify, analyze and manage those obstacles. Only then can an organization confidently set objectives that are integrated with revenues, production, marketing, financial and other activities.

At DKB, we go beyond traditional accounting to understand the root sources of risk. We draw on a wealth of technical competence and historical knowledge to attest to the financial and operational structure of every characteristic of your business. We recommend business processes to advance your strategic and tactical objectives.

Internal Control Assessment Services

Evaluating Your Controls and Mitigating Risk

Understanding your organization’s exposure to risk — financial, regulatory and reputational — is critical for your success. Installing and maintaining rigorous internal controls can moderate those risks.

At DKB, our highly qualified, dedicated team of IT specialists, CPAs and certified fraud examiners (CFE) works with clients to assess existing risk and assess internal control systems, and provide information technology consultation.

Every assessment engagement for DKB begins with taking the time to understand your business and your needs, and reaching an agreement for desired services. We then help identify and prioritize your greatest areas of risk by working directly with management and staff, observing your operations, and conducting site visits and interviews. Finally, we report on our findings and make recommendations.