Infrastructure Assessment

Keeping up with technological innovation and the need to maintain a flexible, economic infrastructure is often challenging.  Digital technology is becoming smarter and changing the way companies serve their customers.  The foundation of a company’s organizational structure, culture, business model, how they bring products to market and other critical functions all weigh on what type of new technology and sourcing arrangement should be implemented.

DeJoy, Knauf & Blood’s dedicated Information Technology Practice has a well-established history of helping organizations implement infrastructure solutions customized to their business needs.

TeamDKB provides:

A critical component of this practice is independence. Our sole focus is to help you find a cost-effective solution that meets the needs of your business.  Based on our commitment to remain independent you can be assured we will recommend the best products and solutions to achieve your specific goals.

Years of experience
Infrastructure assessment has given us an in-depth knowledge of mitigating risk, optimizing IT resources and performance, and managing complex implementations.

Relationships with key vendors
Allows us to provide our clients with cost-effective solutions.

Digital security has become a crucial piece of any company’s business plan.  Our in-depth knowledge of IT infrastructure helps us to advise you on managing IT risks at all levels of your organization.