Mergers & Acquisitions

Experienced and Well-Connected To Shepherd Your Purchase Or Sale

Completing a successful merger or acquisition requires strategic thinking and decision making, and a thorough understanding of the expected outcome.

The professionals at DKB are experienced in both sales and purchases of businesses, providing objective counsel and hands-on expertise in negotiating and structuring transactions. Our high-quality reputation is built on extensive industry knowledge and our direct access to many key decision makers among strategic buyers and private equity groups.

Developing a thorough strategy before launching a merger or acquisition effort is critical. In addition to handling accounting issues, DKB performs the due diligence necessary to support sound decision-making and minimize any surprises later. We assess the financial health of the company, the anticipated sustainability of future performance, and the overall risks that the transaction may pose.

Buy-Side Transactions

We work with clients to focus their acquisition search and clarify objectives. We deepen their understanding of a proposed investment opportunity by studying value drivers such as cash flow, revenue and profitability trends, working-capital positions, accounting procedures and tax-exposure controls. And, should deal breakers lurk, we strive to pinpoint them early.

Sell-Side Transactions

To ensure a full understanding of the expected outcome, we assist in evaluating options for selling or recapitalizing. We couple our industry and market knowledge with an in-depth exploration into a given client’s business. We work with clients on competitive positioning, identifying opportunities to bolster value and improve margins and cash flows.

Due Diligence

Asking the Right Questions, Making The Right Decisions

Considering a merger or acquisition Selling a business? Across the spectrum of industries, the professionals of DKB have been there, sleeves rolled up, helping ensure successful transactions.

The tax and assurance experts of our Due Diligence Services Team work with clients and equity groups to assess the legal, financial and business risks of prospective mergers and acquisitions. By asking the right questions, we develop a keen understanding of the parties’ circumstances and identify crucial areas of interest. Our experience equips us to offer clients a comprehensive view of the variables that can affect the short- and long-term profitability and sustainability of a transaction, thereby supporting sound financial decisions.

Because timeliness of transactions and financial decisions can be a factor, DKB is readily accessible and willing to meet on site to expedite the process. We strive to ensure clients and equity groups they’re receiving prompt, efficient, high-quality service and advice.