Business Strategy

From Dream To Successful Reality To Solid Future

What began in late-night, coffee-fueled conversations over countless napkin sketches at the kitchen table has morphed into a successful present and an even more promising future.

But bringing your dreams to fruition took more than good ideas and passion. You’ve invested long days and nights of hard work, dedication, technical expertise, careful thought and strategic planning. You’ve endured failures and savored triumphs.

At DeJoy, Knauf & Blood, we’ve ridden that roller-coaster ourselves and have guided other businesses through every phase of the process. Like you, we’re determined, innovative, accountable and competitive. Clients rely on our independent, strategic advice to push their businesses to the next level.

We work with clients to develop a vision and a business plan. More than a tool to obtain financing, a business plan clarifies the company’s direction, ensuring that leaders are in sync on the mission and that staff are focused on moving forward. We also help our clients craft long-term strategies, overcome implementation hurdles, improve operational processes, enhance technological capabilities, strengthen internal control and governance processes, outline succession plans, and identify and manage risk.

At TeamDKB, we draw on our work with businesses at all stages to deliver proven, value-added solutions that help clients seize opportunities, develop sound solutions and avoid common mistakes.