Consultation Services

The Connection between People, Decisions & Outcomes

Today’s business environment is constantly changing. From technology to our unsteady political landscape, business owners and their management teams cannot be content with status quo.

How will blockchain, artificial intelligence and machine learning interrupt my industry?

How should my business change communication channels to respond to a more informal, rapid response demand by the customer?

How do I make sure my business embraces technology, but still keeps a human touch?

These are all questions that are on our client’s minds, and business owner’s minds throughout the world.

Due to the nature of public accounting and our relationship-oriented approach, we have a full picture view of our client’s situation. This enables us to provide value added consulting services, that give our client’s the confidence they need to make the best decisions for the success of their business.

Our Approach


DKB’s consulting services team is the connection between people, decisions and outcomes. Our approach is based on the belief that to achieve an actionable strategy with meaningful results we must first have a clear understanding of the problems and challenges. We work alongside our client’s, at the appropriate levels within the organization, to solve for the right business challenge.



At DKB each of our client’s is more than a business, they are people. We understand that business decisions do not just impact a brand, a physical space, a product, or a service line. Decisions impact the people who make it all come together. We also understand that no one knows their business better than the owner. However, owning a business is emotional and often business decisions need to be made from an impassive perspective. At DKB we work alongside our clients to understand their needs and provide an unbiased and independent opinion to make a decision on what’s next.

Aside from financial expertise, our team understands the business landscape and current events that could greatly sway how decisions are made.

The future of a business depends on a business owner and management team’s ability to adapt to change, without losing sight of their overall goals. Throughout every service we provide we work alongside businesses and their owners to understand goals, challenges and opportunities. We use this information as a catalyst to develop effective business strategies.