DKB Named a 2018 Top Workplace by the D&C

DKB’s focus on meaningful work and a highly engaged workforce led the company to be named a 2018 Top Workplace.

Rochester, NY March 28, 2018 – DeJoy, Knauf & Blood, LLP – a regional certified public accounting and consulting firm is proud to announce their nomination as a 2018 Rochester Top Workplace. Top workplaces are chosen through employee survey results taken from more than 9,000 employees at 92 firms across the Rochester region.

The key factor in this year’s top workplace survey was meaningfulness as part of workplace culture. Employees want to feel that they are a part of something meaningful. The combination of the firm’s guiding principles, and the encouragement of next-generation thinking, has led DKB to develop people and a culture that provides for a meaningful employee and client experience.

As the business environment continues to change due to technology, new generations entering the workforce, and changing ownership structures, amongst many other factors, DKB is also changing with the times to provide innovative and responsive services. The company empowers their people at all levels to bring ideas to the table. With a culture that pushes creativity, and the ability to ask why, DKB is able to provide their clients with ideas and solutions that they could not find elsewhere.

As the survey results state, making culture a priority day in and day out cannot be accidental. An intentional culture is the key to a sustainable competitive advantage, and a company that will stand the test of time. DKB understands that their people are the key to success. At a professional service firm personality is tied directly to corporate culture. DKB’s people are the foundation of their culture, the very basis for how they provide an excellent client experience.