Member Spotlight

Taylor Wegman, CPA

Meet Taylor, a Supervisor in our Tax Practice, a Great Mentor, Friend, and Hiking Extraordinaire. 

Insider Tip:  If you want to get a tax question answered on a weekend, you can find Taylor at any of the farmer’s markets throughout Rochester!

Q1: What has inspired and influenced you to pursue a career in accounting?

Growing up I was always interested in numbers. Entering into college, I was unsure about where this interest would take me, but I knew I wanted to head in the direction of business. After my first few accounting classes, I quickly learned that accounting is the common denominator amongst many aspects of the business world. To me, it was a language that I could learn and apply in any direction I wanted to go. I was hopeful that an accounting major would open many doors and allow for exciting opportunities and being young, that was intriguing for me. So far – I can happily say that I was correct with this assumption!

Q2: What is your favorite part about what you do every day?

On the client side of things, I love working with smart and driven business professionals to help them grow both their business as well as their understanding of the ever so complicated tax law. Building these relationships where I am seen as a trusted advisor has given me endless amounts of pride towards my role and has allowed me to feel as though I am making a difference in the day to day activities of these businesses.

As for in-house, I love being a mentor to new staff.  Being able to share my story, and help them as they create their own path, has taught me so much about myself, and brought a whole new dimension to my job.

Q3: What were some milestones both personally and professionally that have happened over the past year?

Professionally – it would have to be finally receiving my license after a long year of balancing online classes, a full time job, and life! I am not sure it gets much better than the feeling of finally seeing CPA next to your name.
Personally – I became an Auntie to three handsome little fellas – Jacob, Austin & River!

Q4: What are your hobbies outside of work?

Eating, exploring, and being active. I have been blessed enough to eat my way through some incredible countries and cities and I am a strong believer the best way to absorb a new culture is through their local cuisine. When I am not traveling to new places, you will likely find me at my camp in the Adirondacks. Since my youth, I have been working towards becoming a 46er and while I have been stuck at 38 for quite some time, I am hopeful that I will soon come out of retirement and finish the final 8.

Q5: What is your favorite place in Rochester?

There are very few Saturdays or Sundays you won’t find me at a market! Rochester has one of the best public markets in the United States and it is such a great place to walk around and feel connected to our community. Being born and raised in Rochester, I love seeing our city thrive and there is no better place to see this at work than at the public market. Sunday mornings I love to wake up and hit the Brighton farmer’s market. Such an incredible mixture of local farms, venders, and live music.

Q6: If you could give one piece of advice to those starting a career in any field what would it be?

Do not overthink the path you are on and enjoy the ride. I think our generation is constantly thinking about whether they are heading in the right direction and what I have learned is that sometimes, the wrong direction can turn out to be the right one. I always planned to stay in public accounting long enough to become a CPA but have found that with each day I have a greater appreciation for this role. As long as you are continuing to learn and grow, you are setting yourself up for success.