Preparing You to Thrive in a Demanding, Ever-Changing World

When our employees succeed, TeamDKB succeeds.

At this early stage, as you evaluate a range of professional specialties and design a career path, access to educational and professional development initiatives is vital.

TeamDKB has designed our first-year experience training program to help you envision and advance your goals — in a connected, global world that demands cross-functional abilities and skills in business development and marketing, presentation, communication and networking.

We’ll provide you with the technical expertise you’ll draw on over and over; the soft skills to conduct yourself confidently in every environment; and a thorough knowledge of our best practices. From day one, you’ll enjoy ready access to our internal team of talented and experienced managers and colleagues.

We also provide continued CPE training every year at every level, and partner with you to support your success with the CPA exam process. And we’ll ensure opportunities for you to interact with industry professionals at off-site training programs.

Our first-year training program covers:

TeamDKB specifics

  • Presentations by practice and industry leaders
  • IT overviews including tax and audit software, our practice management system, and internal and external communication tools

Technical training

  • Business tax, personal tax and audit essentials

Soft skills training

  • Presenting
  • Projecting your most powerful self
  • Interacting with clients
  • Networking
  • Getting involved in the community
  • Making the most of coaching resources and performance evaluations

Eager to move your career path forward? Ready to begin building the skills you’ll need in a demanding global market?

Submit your application to TeamDKB today!

For more information on joining TeamDKB contact our human resources manager, Sandi Tucker