Intern Testimonials

“My internships at DKB in both audit and tax have allowed me to develop a well-rounded base knowledge of public accounting. I am excited to build upon that knowledge when I start full-time this fall. DKB’s collaborative and friendly environment has really made me look forward to my future here. I feel like I am home!”
Lauren Robbins, St. John Fisher



“I accepted a full-time job offer at the end of my internship with DKB because I liked the culture of support and collaboration in the team. I think having a good workplace culture is vital for learning and growth in a career. I am excited to have the opportunity to be a part of TeamDKB!”Florence Hope, SUNY Geneseo




“Interning at DKB allowed me to gain meaningful experience working on a variety of clients with a number of helpful and experienced team members. DKB’s strong team dynamic and the fulfilling nature of the work helped me grow as a business professional, and made it an easy decision to come on full-time in fall 2023.”
David Fisher, SUNY Buffalo 



“I can’t say enough great things about the way I have been treated at DKB. Everyone has been patient and helpful with me. I feel I have grown a lot in my knowledge of accounting and got to experience a bit of what a public accounting busy season is like. I am thankful for DKB and everything they have done for me over the past year!”
Christopher Chudyk, SUNY Buffalo