Preparing for the Successful Transition of Your Business

Event Starts: April 21, 2021
Do you find it a daunting task to optimize the sale process of your business while running your business at the same time? From starting and nurturing a business, to maturity & growth there are many decisions that business owners need to make.
Paramax Corporation, Sage Hill Family Office, and DeJoy, Knauf & Blood come together for a multi-part series on the unpredictable journey of selling a business. In part one of the series they will be discussing the unpredictable journey a business owner goes through from consideration to sell, to deal closure. This journey is different for every business owner with emotions often having as much of a pull as finances.
Experts from all three firms will give their own personal accounts of assisting business owners through the merger and acquisition process and what they have learned along the way. Through a dynamic, story-telling, panel approach, business owners who may be considering selling now or in the future will leave informed and entertained.

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