What Belonging to a Top Workplace Company Means to Me

DKB is always focused on meaningful work, and a highly engaged workforce. This mindset led us to be named a Top Workplace, for the second year in a row. We are honored to receive this award, and give all the accolades to our amazing team!

Below are a few of the reasons our staff is proud to belong to a Top Workplace company.

“Belonging to a company that is a top workplace means to me having a family away from home – and a support group that makes solving complicated issues all the more fulfilling.”

  • John Schinski, In-Charge Accountant, Financial Assurance Services


“DKB has given me every opportunity to learn and grow my career, while providing me with a sense of belonging that all professionals strive for.  Being recognized as a top workplace is a great honor and supports the team-focused, compassionate, and nurturing culture that DKB exemplifies on a daily basis.  I’m proud to call DKB home and am grateful to work with a team of absolutely outstanding professionals and people.”

  • Mike Tota, Manager, Tax Services


“I’ve had the opportunity to grow quickly, and have a team of mentors cultivating that growth. I’ve learned how to be a professional, how to self-advocate, and how to support those up-and-coming leaders do the same. That is how working at a top workplace feels. That is how I feel working for DKB.”

  • Morgan Hopkins, Senior Manager, Tax Services


“Still run by the original founders and grown organically, it is no surprise that DKB has a culture and workplace unlike others in the area. Public accounting firms can be found just about anywhere but finding a firm that works continuously to adapt its culture and fill the needs of its staff is scarce. While the free Saturday lunches and annual golf outings are a nice perk, what truly makes DKB a top workplace is their ability to see all positions equally. Whether you are a first year staff or a founding partner, everyone’s voice is heard and everyone is encouraged to speak up. I originally chose DKB because of the culture and people. Today I choose DKB because to them I am more than just a worker, I am a driver of the success and the future of the firm. “

  • Taylor Wegman, Senior, Tax Services


“What it means to me belonging to a top workplace is that you work somewhere that really cares about their employees. They are willing to listen to what you need in order to be successful every day at your job. It is a place that you enjoy coming to and they embrace change. It is somewhere that you are able to create great relationships with your coworkers, bosses, and your clients. At DKB I feel comfortable with everyone from new staff to partners. They know more about me than just how I am as an employee and are genuinely interested in what is going on in my life. I enjoy what I do and where I work and working at a top workplace makes work more fun.”

  • Hannah Martella, Experienced Staff Accountant, Tax Services


“Making the top 100 list is public recognition of the culture that exists within our team and gives outsiders perspective on what we value most.  Making the list allows us to take pause, celebrate and be reminded of how great our team really is.”

  • Luke Werzinger, Senior Manager, Financial Assurance Services


“I’ve always thought of top workplaces as environments where both employees and the employer derive high value from each other. DKB has given me the opportunity to work on challenging assignments and grow at a rate I didn’t think possible, all while providing a caring culture. In turn, my coworkers and I continue to help DKB prosper through our long hours, hard work, and commitment to client service. This is why DKB is, and will continue to be, a top workplace.”

  • Jessica Jozwiak, In-Charge Accountant, Financial Assurance Services


“Being a part of a top workplace to me means that we are surrounded by top quality people who are pushed and encouraged to reach their potential, which ultimately creates the resources and expertise to allow us to be the best at what we do.”

  • Corey Dennis, Senior Manager, Financial Assurance Services