Tax in Ten: Individual Tax Saving Strategies During COVID-19

Tune in to hear from Morgan Hopkins, Steve Wuest and Kevin Woodworth on Tax Savings Strategies for Individuals during COVID-19.  They discuss charitable contributions, making gifts, property tax assessment reviews and appeals, wealth transfer using trusts, temporary waiver of required minimum distributions, special rules for retirements funds, and even a brief discussion of Roth IRA planning.   Some of these strategies will help individuals to increase cash flow, and some of them will actually decrease cash flow but lead to greater tax savings.  What is best for your individual situation depends on many factors, so make sure you are planning with your professional advisor.



You can find more on this topic at our latest blog post “7 Individual Tax Saving Strategies.” If you have any questions please do not hesitate to reach out to a member of our COVID-19 Task Force at or visit our COVID-19 Resource Center.