Phishing Scam – Do Not Inadvertently Provide W-2 Information to Cyber Criminals

Currently there is a phishing scam that may cause an organization to inadvertently provide W-2 Information to cyber criminals.  Those heavily targeted are Human Resource and Payroll professionals.

Cyber criminals are disguising themselves, through email, as executives or board members requesting copies of all W-2’s for an organization’s employees.  They have the ability to make their email address almost replicate real email addresses, so make sure you are viewing sender email addresses carefully.  We know of multiple attempts at this scam in Rochester, and beyond.  The IRS states that is affecting all types of employers from small to large businesses, to not-for-profits, schools and universities. Be aware and on the lookout, and remind your staff to always be safe with sensitive information.

Find more on this topic from the IRS here