Performance, Coaching & Development – It Truly is a Year-Round Cycle

As we near the end of busy season, for many it’s a time to a take a break and get a much needed rest with time off for vacation with family and friends. Others will be planning ahead to attend professional continuing education programs (CPE) to gain specialized industry training and skills.

For HR, it is a time of year when we kick into high gear to ensure that performance, coaching and development is occurring real time, with collective and thoughtful feedback being delivered to members of our team. It is also a time to hear from each person about the many accomplishments they have achieved this year. In the form of their own self-assessment they chart the skills and proficiencies they have gained which pave the way for advancement and promotion to the next level.

Public Accounting is a profession where an individual has the chance to be challenged with extraordinary learning opportunities. They have the ability to actively gain leadership skills under the direction of our highly knowledgeable partners and managers who are sought after subject matter experts in their fields.

What counts in performance —you might ask?

Every aspect that you contribute to our firm counts:
– Technical competency
– Client Service
– Mentoring and coaching
– Giving back to the community and representing our organization

We also consider the valuable leadership roles you step up to deliver internally and externally building relationships while identifying client needs, and helping to select top quality talent to grow our firm. All of these things add up to being valued as an individual and recognized for a job well done at TeamDKB.

The advice we give to every team member is to keep a list of their accomplishments and achievements, and to proactively seek feedback on a regular basis. We also encourage all of our team members to regularly give feedback and bring new ideas to the table. In doing this, our team members will be viewed as someone who takes their career and the profession of public accounting seriously. We tell prospective employees we pride ourselves on providing top quality service to our clients and doing things right. We do right by our people as well. You will always know where you stand with our mid-year and annual assessment reviews. Due to the size of our firm and the importance we place on communication in our culture you will not get lost in the shuffle, but instead will have one on one coaching from a mentor who is your trusted advocate and advisor withyour best interest in mind.

Our team goal is to have everyone cross the finish line and together we will achieve great things!