Goals for the New Year!

“The purpose of Life is to be Useful, Honorable, and Compassionate; and to have it make some difference that you have lived and lived Well.”
– Ralph Waldo Emerson

Sounds to me like one of my all-time favorite poets worked in our firm and knows our mission statement and core values. Our Managing Partner, Dave DeJoy, talks frequently about the importance of our profession and making a difference.

Life takes planning and passion to do this well. Today in the D&C, was an article that outlined a well-planned life in all aspects. The author, Harriette Cole, provided a link to download and encouraged others to share, so I am providing you with a link to the article “Planning for Success in 2017.”   Harriette Cole did an excellent job addressing all the aspects of Life Planning.

For the time being I will focus solely on the Work Aspect component. You have to plan daily, weekly and monthly; and you have to plan out goals for the year ahead in order to achieve them. Start out by picking a day in the week, and maybe its Friday, to take a preview of your upcoming week (I print my schedule out, others store an electronic copy to their device). Take a look back at your past week, review your time entries for accuracy, ask questions on open projects, give updates, and converse with others.  This allows you to proactively project your schedule and work projects for the week and month ahead, schedule meetings with your team leaders and people with whom you will work with.   When you meet, you need to make these meetings beneficial for you and them, take notes, ask questions, seek feedback, give feedback, and carry forward lessons learned. The night before my return to the workplace which generally is Sunday, I refresh myself and prepare for the week ahead. What you put into your work life balance is what you will derive from it.

Do It Well. Be Eager. Take Control. Stay on Track.
Happy New Year – May 2017 be the best year ever for you!