Cheers to Thirty Years!

It’s hard to believe that DKB is embarking on their 30th Year in Business. The firm started back in July of 1990, and has stay committed to providing the Rochester community, and beyond, with the highest quality business consultation and accounting services. As we embark on our 30th year, we would be remiss to not look back at some of the attributes which have defined DKB, and continue to define our culture today.


Rochester CPA firm celebrates 30 years


  1. Adaptation. From day one DKB has remained vigilant about staying ahead of industry and technical trends. We look at it as our responsibility to adapt to changing trends, so we can provide our client’s with innovative insights and solutions for their unique needs.This also means adapting to technology trends. We were one of the first CPA firm’s to move to a paperless environment, and remain up to speed on the ever-changing world of technology. We are constantly looking for new software, and tools that will make our service offering for clients more efficient and effective.Fun Fact: Did you know DKB’s first computer was an Emerson, bought from BJs!
  2. Client Service. High-quality, responsive service is the foundation in which DKB was started, and remains the core of our company culture today. Whether it is clients who have believed in us since day one, or clients who have joined us recently, we understand the value that each and every one of our client’s has to our firm. Our goal is to dig-deep into each of our client’s business, to ask insightful questions,
  3. Team. Our email and website domains started as teamdkb and remain that way today. However, team is much more than a domain to our firm. It encompasses everything that we do. Internal emails are addressed to team, our clients are serviced by a team, and our team supports one another both personally and professionally. With our colleagues at DKB, and with our clients, we emphasize the word team in everything that we do. We are a team of highly motivated, creative, and experienced professionals that work day in and day out to provide the highest quality service to our clients.
  4. Support of Downtown Rochester. Our firm has been located in Downtown Rochester since the beginning. We spent over 25 years in the Ellwinger Barry Building on State Street, and more recently, moved to the newly renovated Midtown Building – Tower280 at Midtown. We believe that a city’s downtown plays a crucial role in the economic and social development of the metro region. DKB maintains our headquarters downtown; patronizes downtown businesses; and sponsors and supports downtown social and charitable events. Many of our employees also live downtown!
  5. Passion. We were founded on a passion for the accounting profession, with an understanding of the difference that high-quality business consultation, and accounting services can make in a business owner’s life. We still have that passion today, and continue to add members to our team who share that same passion. We don’t come to work to complete a tax return or audit. We come to work to make sure our clients are taken care of, and that we are a key piece to helping them achieve their personal and professional goals.

From 1990 to 2020 a lot has changed. Our commitment to our clients and employees has not. Cheers to Thirty Years, and to everything that is meant to stay the same!

As our 30th year commences, we are proud to release or commemorative logo that will be used by DKB throughout the year. Stay tuned for fun upcoming events to help our firm celebrate 30 years!