Realizing Maximum Value In A Divestiture

Reshaping a company’s strategy. Shifting to active management of a portfolio of business units. Monetizing years of strategic planning and careful execution.

Any can be worthy motivators for divesting all or part of a business. Companies that reallocate capital through a spinoff or sale of business units often generate higher returns than do their peers.

But planning and executing a successful divestiture is challenging, particularly when time is tight. Often, the executive team struggles to move forward confidently and answer crucial questions: What kind of divestiture is most suitable: trade sale, equity sale or management buyout? How do we articulate a compelling equity story and defendable business plan that will attract the right buyer? How can we avoid costly mistakes when preparing critical financial information subject to complex regulatory and accounting requirements?

At DeJoy, Knauf & Blood, experience counts. Our team of accomplished professionals will work with you — first to clarify your motivations and objectives, then to maximize the value of your divestiture, and finally to return your focus to your remaining business units, ensuring they align with your corporate strategy.

TeamDKB provides:

  • Divestiture planning
  • Business preparation and transition
  • Day one readiness
  • Optimization of the plan
  • Implementing the future state

Divestitures Team


thumb_Dave DeJoy

David J. DeJoy, CPA

Managing Partner
Director, Business Consulting Services

thumb_Mark Blood

Mark S. Blood, CPA

Director, Tax Services

thumb_Susan Desino

Susan P. Desino, CPA, MBA

Director, Financial Assurance Services

thumb_Mike Cooke

Michael L. Cooke, CPA

Tax Services

thumb_Amy Brisson

Amy J. Brisson, CPA

Entrepreneurial and Accounting Services

thumb_Mollene Benison

Mollene B. Benison, CPA

Financial Assurance Services

Senior Managers

thumb_Luke Werzinger

Luke Werzinger, CPA / CFE

Senior Manager
Financial Assurance Services