Data Mining

Analyzing Data to Control Weaknesses, Solve Problems

Companies have never faced greater pressure to collect, understand and act on ever-increasing floods of data. With regulatory demands on the rise across all industries, and new online systems and electronic devices adding complexity and the potential for distortion, business leaders are forced to pay more attention to identifying and mitigating potential risks. That means determining what data to collect, discovering what it means, and deciding how to leverage it.

The data mining services of DeJoy, Knauf & Blood allow for continuous auditing and monitoring of an entity’s financial state. We organize and analyze real-time and historical data efficiently and effectively, giving you a clear understanding of your status, answering critical business questions, and guiding you to make sound, fact-based business decisions.

TeamDKB works with clients to incorporate data analytics into the internal audit function to help identify patterns and detect ambiguities and irregularities.  We work with you to identify risks, define objectives, develop and apply customized procedures, analyze results and then manage the results.

Our team of CPAs, certified fraud examiners (CFEs) and information technology specialists draws on a well-rounded range of experiences while applying innovative approaches to extracting and analyzing data.

TeamDKB provides:

  • Maximize audit efficiency and effectiveness
  • Ensure 100% transactional testing coverage
  • Identify unusual trends and behaviors
  • Forensic accounting and litigation support services
  • Support compliance programs
  • Provide benchmarks
  • Enhance profitability

Data Mining Team


thumb_Dave DeJoy

David J. DeJoy, CPA

Managing Partner
Director, Business Consulting Services

thumb_Mollene Benison

Mollene B. Benison, CPA

Financial Assurance Services

thumb_Susan Desino

Susan P. Desino, CPA, MBA

Director, Financial Assurance Services

Senior Managers

thumb_Luke Werzinger

Luke Werzinger, CPA / CFE

Senior Manager
Financial Assurance Services

Firm Administration


Jeff McBurney

Firm Administration
Information Technology Manager