Supporting Your Strategies To Balance Efficiency and Product Delivery

Companies operating in the wholesale / distribution industry face unprecedented competition and profitability challenges — managing material, labor and transportation costs; ensuring accurate order fulfillment and delivery; and improving inventory management to streamline online ordering and ensuring quick-resolution processes. Those managing multiple-site, multistate and international operations face particularly rigorous demands.

The mandate to achieve efficiency without compromising product delivery consumes substantial resources, often leaving financial and other aspects of the business exposed. That’s where DeJoy, Knauf & Blood comes in.

The members of our Wholesale / Distribution Services Team draw on significant industry experience to help our clients evaluate cost structures, implement inventory-management processes, ensure efficient financial reporting, identify cost-savings opportunities, ensure compliance, maximize operating cash flows and  minimize taxes.

By getting to know you, your business and your needs, TeamDKB offers clients a well-rounded, proactive picture of your organization’s risks, needs and opportunities, providing and helping implement strategies that add efficiency and value.

TeamDKB provides:

Wholesale/Distribution Team


thumb_Mark Blood

Mark S. Blood, CPA

Director, Tax Services

thumb_Mike Cooke

Michael L. Cooke, CPA

Tax Services

thumb_Susan Desino

Susan P. Desino, CPA, MBA

Director, Financial Assurance Services

thumb_Mollene Benison

Mollene B. Benison, CPA

Financial Assurance Services


thumb_Andrew Cogan

Andrew I. Cogan, CPA

Financial Assurance Services