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We have our first CVA!

NEW! Business Valuation & Litigation Support:

At DKB, we understand the importance of engaging a trusted ally to scrutinize your operation with authority, integrity and candor, and to help you implement the most rigorous procedures and systems possible. We would like to congratulate Mike Tota on being the first CVA on the DKB team!

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In order to provide a next level client experience, we need to hire and retain high-quality team members.  The personality of our people and our firm’s corporate culture is virtually one in the same. Through our team’s ability to create relationships that are grounded in the ideals of trust, respect, enthusiasm and fun, and a genuine interest in making our client’s lives better, all of our professionals live up to the standards of our corporate culture day in and day out.   Our team’s spirit and purpose for why they come to work every day is the best client service we can offer. To get to know one of our professionals contact a team member below or explore the Meet Our Team page.

Manager, Business Valuation & Tax Services

Supervisor, Tax Services

Director, Outsourced Accounting Services

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